Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Our Little Soccer Player

    Lauren has been wanting to play soccer for a few years, really ever since Cooper has been playing. They do have soccer leagues for ages 4 and up, but we could not do that to another wonderful volunteer parent. She was not at all prepared to be part of a team.... it was a little questionable right now, but we had told her she could. We also made sure she knew what was required when you are part of a team. All in all Lauren did really well. She tried her best, and followed the Coach Matt's guidance as well and any 5 year old would. I think she had a great time and is looking forward to the fall. Here are a few highlight photos.


We did a LOT of running up and down the field, after other kids with the ball
Mixing it up... they are too cute
Cheering on our teammates
Chasing down the ball

So close
Are we helping Liam, or trying to take the ball from him :)
She had a great time
Even had an Entourage :)
Cooper had to spend some of the game time doing his reading homework... he made the best of it
Happy to have the chance to play this spring,  and we are looking forward to the fall!

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