Monday, March 13, 2006

Here and there....

Well its been a whirlwind week or two. Started in Steamboat Springs skiing for a couple days. Return back to the Front Range, work for a couple of days then headed to Copper Mountain to join Jill's parents for a couple days of skiing at Copper.

Skiing at Copper was uber cold, but the snow was great. Wind chills were reported in the -30 range, and when you account for the fact that I ski anywhere from 30-50mph on a blue run, thats pretty darn cold....One of the few days I've had to stop and warm up mid-day. As I always say though "there is no such thing as a bad ski day". That holds especially true when its mid-week and you should be working.

Drove back from Copper to see some snow for the Boulder valley. After a white-knuckle drive to work on Friday morning, I was rescued by Sarah & my Dad (who was just passing through town on his way back to Oklahoma) for some breakfast at Lucille's. We spent the day just hanging out then hit the sports bar to watch OState just miss upsetting KU in the Big 12 tourney.

We spent a pretty quiet weekend without skiing or doing much of anything. Work here in Boulder for a couple days then I'm headed to Sacramento for an overnight trip to a customer. Get back Thursday evening and may hit the slopes with some relatives on Friday. I'm at 15 days on the mountain with a month left to go in the season. I'd like to hit 22-24 days this year but I'll be happy with anything over 20. I love living this close to skiing, it helps get me through the winters.....

Till next time.

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Tracy Baird said...

It is amazing how much you love to ski and cried every time it was cold for hockey. I remember you leaving your skates in the truck all the way there in front of the heater before you would get out of the truck.