Monday, March 20, 2006

Storm of Death! Snow Flurries of Terror!

Well the weather forecasters hyped this storm for three days, and it turned out to be a dud. We stayed close to the house on Sunday thinking the blizzard was looming only to wake up this morning and see about an inch, maybe two, of snow on the ground. They had been calling for 10-14", but so much for that. I think Jill might be right, just don't watch the weather and then you won't have any idea what impending doom is coming your way.

On a different note, I took Friday off to ski with some extended family at Winter Park. Great day on the mountain except for the idiot girl who decided to start across the mountain without ever looking up to see that I was coming off the upper bowl at about 30mph. I had two choices, one of which involved smashing into her on this narrow chute. I took the other one and tried to hockey stop and shave 30mph of speed off in 10 feet. I ended up hitting the edge of a tree well and going down hard. Landed hard on my right shoulder, which I'm relatively certain resulted in a minor separation. This is my 4th or 5th time to separate a shoulder so I'm getting good at diagnosing them myself. It didn't keep me from skiing on, but I could tell that it was hurt.

The shoulder is sore and stiff, but feels nothing like my left shoulder did last May. I expect with some rest days it should be good to go by next weekend. The crash was result of both of us being at fault. I was going too fast in the narrow chute, but that girl really should learn to look up slope before starting from a dead stop. I've now learned my lesson that during Spring Break season you can't expect everyone to know all the etiquette on the slopes and I've got to dial it down a bit. At least I had my new helmet on.

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