Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lunch Loop

As spring and Daylight Savings Time approach, I'm trying to ramp up my riding. I've found a great 10 mile loop that I have been doing at lunch. Its a great loop as it has 5 miles of gradual climbing, then kicks it in harder with a much steeper 6th mile before cresting and letting it rip back down to Boulder.

This week, I did this loop 3 straight days. Tuesday & Thursday I rode it with John "The Punisher" Perry and did a solo ride on it Wednesday. John is a much stronger climber than I am, he never seems to be hurting. I am hurting before pulling out the parking lot, but I can tell it is getting easier. I have found two weaknesses in John at least: 1. resort skiing 2. techinical descents on the mountain bike. I'm just glad to have found any chink in his armor.

I think I'll take tomorrow off to save my legs for skiing on Saturday, but if the weather stays as nice as it has been this week, I might suffer through another climb.

And to keep it from being just boring words, here is the elevation graph that my GPS spits out for this loop.

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