Thursday, November 30, 2006

But its a dry chill

I've said numerous times how even though the temps in Colorado during the winter months are lower than those in Oklahoma, that the Colorado cold just didn't seem as bad. Well that was a bunch of crap, because this morning was damn cold. I don't know the exact low temp that we reached, but I think it was around -5 deg.

Of course today would be the day that my bus would be 10 minutes late...I stood shivering at the Niwot Rd Park & Ride staring down 287 hoping to see my bus coming. It was bitter cold, regardless how low the humidity numbers actually were. I stood there wondering how a homeless person could make it through the night when I was pretty convinced that if someone were to hit my ear it would shatter instantly. I've skied in colder temps with brutal winds, but business casual clothes just don't seem to have the same wind and cold stopping abilities as my ski clothes.

I can't wait till my normal bus driver gets back, this marks the 2nd day in a row for the bus to be considerably late. Yesterday the amateur replacement driver took us onto I-25 and all its gridlock instead of going the normal route of 287 to 36. Today the driver was 10 minutes late and tried to take the wrong route several times only to be corrected by several regular riders each time. Yesterday I was an hour later than normal, today 15 minutes. Still beats the heck out of driving myself though. I mean really, what do I care? It just ups my total nap time when the bus drivers don't have a clue.

The one highlight of the past two days was getting to go eat some very good pizza yesterday at Beniamino's. My coworker Tim, who is without a doubt "The Czar of the Pizza", took us down there for lunch. This was a true Chicago-style pizza that was about 3 inches thick and literally oozing with cheese. I had two slices and was done. I probably could have done 3, but fearing the scale on my weekly weigh-in on Sunday I thought better of it. The bad part is that now that I know how good it is, its gonna be hard to pass up the opportunity to eat there again and "The Czar" makes a weekly trip that direction. I think I better up the training program by about 3 hours a week...


Chris said...

-4 in my back yard last night, while I was sleeping outside :p

That pizza sounds awesome!

Joel White said...

I read that you were thinking about testing your gear out last night. I'll stick to 3 season camping.