Monday, November 13, 2006

Off the snide, on the wagon

Well my attempt at owning the most futile Fantasy Football in history came to an end this week as I finally managed to not coach myself out of a win. A dominating victory of Weber's pathetic team of Tracy's left overs leaves me at 1-9 for the season. I have no realistic chance of salvaging my season this late, but 1 win is a much better fate than winless. My stumbles started pre-draft as I kept Kurt Warner and Drew Bledsoe as two of my three "keepers" from last year, both who have now been benched by their respective team. My last keeper? Landanian Tomlinson, the best back in the league, but who was about 40% of my budget. He had underperformed, so I traded him for some up and coming players and he has now scored something like 15 TDs in his last 5 games since the trade. Such is my season, but at least I've come to grips with it, and strangely enough I've enjoyed this pathetic team much more than any of my winning seasons.

And as the winter cold and darkness creeps in rather rapidly, I've gotten back on the exercise wagon. I've decided I'm going to try and do a endurance mountain bike event next year, maybe the Laramie Enduro or something similar. More of a "I am happy to finish this" event than a race, it looks grueling and fun at the same time. I've started my base training, spinning away for hours on my trainer, hoping to build a solid base that I can keep working on during ski season. With so much good food (and new to me) around my new office and Turkey Day fast approaching, I've got to get a move on or I'll be the other side of 2 bills in a hurry.

Saturday, after taking the dogs on a much needed outing to Lion's Gulch (elevation chart above), I spun an eas ride over to Lyons and back. A bit brisk out on the road, but I got in a 25ish mile ride in just over 1:35. It felt good to be actually moving instead of sitting still with the monotonous hum of the trainer echoing through the living room. I'll get plenty of trainer hours in this winter, so any reasonable chance to get out I have to take. I ramp up a bit this week, before a slight taper off into Thanksgiving. The highlight will be a short (5 mile) Time Trial on Friday the 24th that will be my first benchmark. I live for Time Trials, so I can't wait...

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