Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random thoughts from Fall...

I've got Rockies fever!

I've got to admit, I've really become interested in the Rockies and their improbable playoff run. Left for dead in early September, they closed the season winning 13 of 14 games, and with some help, landed in a 1 game playoff to decide the wildcard last night in LoDo. While laid up sick in a various hotels across Ohio last week, I watched their games on television or online intently.

Last night I found myself hanging with ever pitch of a back and forth game with an improbably ending. The Rockies, down 2 in the 12th, rallied back for a spectacular win to claim the wildcard. They start the Division series tomorrow in Philly, and you can bet I'll have an eye on the game while at work.

The 'Ster visits

Sunday saw the return to the Front Range of Sarah from a 2ish week tour of Europe, and with her she brought Yackster (my dad, and his real name is Jack) along for the drive back. We got to dine on some good grub at Pasta Jay's and visit for a bit before he jetted back to Oklahoma. Although brief, was really good to get to see him.

Fantasy Football

I'm in two leagues this year, the Solarc league that I've been in for the last 9 years and a newly formed MarkWest league. Through 4 games, I've gone a combined 7-1, although I've been incredibly lucky thus far. Its pretty much all luck when you get down to it, but its still make for fun bragging rights with coworkers and old friends.

Trainer Time

Its the time of year to break out the trainer. Days are getting short, making it tough to routinely get rides in after I get home from work. So Ruby gets setup on the trainer, and the two fat tire bikes wait for their chance to hit the trails under the lights when the opportunity presents itself.

The lastest SNL Digital Short

If you're familiar with "Lazy Sunday" or his other SNL works, you need to YouTube Andy Samberg's latest digital short 'I Ran', serenading Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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kevin said...

That picture still hurts me. I couldn't even wear my free CO visitors shirt to the watch party the following week.

Furkin' bastages!