Friday, June 06, 2008

Dog Days

Molly absolutely loves to lay out in the sun in the backyard. I think she really just tolerates us because we open the back door for her at her every whim. Today, Baloo and I were upstairs booking some travel arrangements when I looked out and caught her having a nice soak in the sun.

Then she decided that she was just too peaceful, and went into her routine of rolling around and thrashing about.

Then Baloo and I decided we'd join her outside on this splendid June day and play some fetch. Baloo brought his prize pink ball, and we fetched for a bit while Molly did her own thing.

But then in typical Molly fashion, she decided it was her ball and she promptly butted in to our nice game of fetch.

And it ultimately ended with Molly biting a hole in the pink ball, and not letting Baloo or I ever get it back. She earns her nickname of Molly "The Destroyer" routinely.

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