Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Start of (Another) Beautiful Friendship

After my somewhat failed first real ride on my new Arkansas bike, my Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er SS, I had to look for some redemption. Yesterday I got up and out on the bike before the city began to stir, leaving me clear streets which led to clear bike paths which lead to empty dirt roads that seem to be in endless supply.

The new bike is fast and responsive, although definitely rougher than the Niner. I've got some positioning issues to work out, but I think its mostly just needing a shorter stem with less rise. I was trying to reuse an old one, but I think I'll ultimately end up getting a new one. Damn the luck....

Ended up getting in about 24 miles in the 1:45 that I had allotted. Not too bad considering the day before John Perry & I had climbed to within a couple miles of Ward, CO, a 16.5 mile climb that we were on for about 1:10. I was very disappointed to have had to turn around that close to our prize, but I will be back soon and chasing a personal record for 1 hour normalized power.

Anyway, back to the new, still unnamed green bike...I've already got thoughts of singlespeeding the entire Womble Trail in a day.

While that would be a big, big day for me, it would merely be a warm-up for someone like Chris Plesko. He's currently near the Montana/Wyoming border as he attempts to ride his singlespeed from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico with the Tour Divide race in a time trial attempt to break the current singlespeed course record. Insane. Just a 2700+ mile stroll, unsupported by anyone other than what he can find along the route.

Godspeed Chris, we're routing for you.

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Dan Gutierrez said...

May I suggest a nickname for your bike? "Jackrabbit" - John Dillinger got this nickname because of the way he leaped over counters and such during robberies