Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching up with Cooper Photos

I've been getting hazed by people who have a fever, and the only prescription is More Cooper! Sorry, in our journey through daytime television we watched something on E! about the 100 best skits in SNL history, and who can't resist reusing an already overdone cowbell joke right?

Oh yeah pics of Cooper...

Here Cooper checks something out while knocking out a bottle

Soon his eyes shut, but he keeps on at the task at hand

Maybe I should have called it good...

After feeding, its time to be put down for sleep (and admire the sweet Pistol Pete mobile)

But of course, he has to ham it up a bit for the camera too

One of my favorites that I don't think I've posted up yet, from about an hour after he was born

Another one of my favorites

And one from his "lets try to look like Charlie Brown" photo shoot.

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Jen said...

He is such a cutie. Can't wait for you to bring him in, so we can meet him.