Sunday, August 03, 2008


The gang is all back home. Baloo is mad at me about this little, squirmy thing I've brought into his life and I'm not sure Molly even realized there was anything new. We had a great first night home with Cooper, Judy cooked up a big meal and the whole immediate family (that is in the lower 48 states) was there.

Here are some pics from the last couple days:

Jill explains the rules of our house to Cooper.

The proud grandparents and aunt.

Jill's Mom, Judy, can't wait to get her turn holding her first grandbaby

My Mom, Martha, is quick to follow to get to hold her first grandbaby

And Aunt Sarah will probably hold this kid as much as Jill and I over the next couple of years.

And can you believe this woman delivered her first baby less than 10 hour ago? I don't believe her either, I think she had a body double.

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