Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting back in to getting back out

Jill and I leveraged the grandparents this morning and headed up to the high country to get Jill a much needed day out. We decided to do the Lake Isabelle hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Its a popular destination, but we had only been once and the deep snow cut our trip short so today was a bit of redemption.

The weather was not great, overcast and threatening to rain and quite cool when we arrived at the trailhead at 8 A.M. Its never really summer at 11,000 feet, and it wasn't long before we encountered snow, although none on the trail itself. We made pretty quick work of the way up, moving quickly past Long Lake to Lake Isabelle. Of course, we took tons of photos on the way.

The columbine is still out at 11,000 feet

Waterfalls were abundant

Finally! The waters calmed on our way back down.

Run off from the Isabelle Glacier

Looks like a good place to grab a beer, and Jill was overdue

Don't mind if I do...

Later Sunday night, we took Cooper out for his first outing. Jill's birthday is Tuesday, so we celebrated tonight with an early dinner since I'll be in San Antonio for a couple days this week. Cooper seemed to enjoy the car ride, although my thinking that he would sleep the whole time was off base. He just sat there wide-eyed and quiet, taking it all in. He did take the liberty to sleep through dinner. Its amazing how easy he has been so far, such a good kid we feel really lucky.

Lots more pics from the hike today, and of course more Cooper pics when I get a chance to process them (shot RAW today in an attempt to mix it up). Yeah I'm crazy.


Perry said...

Ummm skinny dip--wonder where that came from? Still pulling goat heads from tires...wonder where they came from too? ;)

LdyZephyr65 said...

Happy Birthday Wonder Woman!!!