Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cooper at 3 weeks

Somehow its already been 3 weeks since Cooper showed up. It seems the days just fly by (I think Jill might disagree), but its easy to see how much he's changed in just over 20 days of his life. Evidence of that is the fact that when he was just born, most people thought he resembled me more than Jill. Now 2.5 weeks later, everyone seems to think he favors Jill (which is a good thing). He seems to have Jill's skin coloring and face shape, and maybe has my eyes and skinny little arms and legs. Whatever mix of the two of us he ends up being, I think we'll keep him.

Jill and Cooper share a nap

I think he got his Dad's belly too

He loves his Pistol Pete mobile, and I'm a sucker for his little puppy hat so we get lots of bedtime pictures

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