Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back Home, back in the saddle

So as to appease the readers that care nothing about hearing my stories of a guy trying to heal from a massive injury, who would instead rather see pictures of Cooper, I'll start with the that. I'll finish with my pontification about riding dirt roads, how much I love my Niner SIR9 and updating my yearly mileage totals. You've at least been warned.

Cooper is getting big in a hurry. A couple weeks ago, he couldn't reach the toys in his high chair, now he grabs them at will.
From Cooper in his chairs

He gets his good looks and winning smile from his Dad, of course.
From Cooper in his chairs

He thinks he is big stuff already, and loves to try to stand, drink from cups and sit in the chair on his own. He is sitting up on his own really well now, but will eventually tumble over and the commence to crawl backwards somehow.

From Cooper in his chairs

**** WARNING ******
No further Cooper content.
**** END WARNING ******

Got out again today on the Niner, after wussing out yesterday. Was cold, windy and I was tired so I skipped the ride. Today, my goal was 14 - 15 miles and for the first time in a long time, I carried a GPS to quantify how far I went and unfortunately just how slow I am these days.

Chased the sun back to the house today, and was pleasantly surprised to see just over 20.5 miles put in. Of course, the sluggish 12.6 mph average was disappointing but I've got to get healed before I can get faster.

My Route:

Had a minor scare when doing some adventuring off route and hit a nasty goathead patch, but the Stan's tubeless stuff sealed the leak in the front up quickly. Note to self - go tubeless on the rear now before you forget and almost get stuck way, way out from the house like you did today.

Tomorrow shows better weather, so probably try to get out again for another ride. Considering my options for shipping/buying a bike for Calgary, really need to be pounding out some trainer time during the week so I can spend more time chasing Cooper around, he is a busy little kid.

Ride Log
Days On Bike - 3 (All Niner singlespeed)
Mileage - 35

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