Monday, January 19, 2009

Quantifying 40 years

40 years is a long time. I've experienced about 32.5 years myself, so 40 is a number I struggle to put my head around right now.

40 years ago the Beatles were releasing their White album, today there are only two living members.

40 years ago, the original Woodstock was happening. Heck, even the second Woodstock they held seems like a long time ago for me.

40 years ago, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Today, you can buy a seat on a rocket to outer space.

40 years ago, Vietnam divided the country. Today, the Iraqi War seems eerily similar.

And 40 years ago, my parents were married.

Its something that I can't really even comprehend. Jill and I have been married for almost 8 years, together for 13 and I can hardly remember a time without her. Crazy to think that time we've spent together isn't even a 1/3rd of 40 years. Jill's parents aren't far behind at 39ish years themselves. In today's world of starter marriages, rampant divorce rates and seemingly throw away relationships, Jill and I certainly take comfort in the fact that no matter how many crazy things happen in the world, that our parents have adapted and persevered.

So congratulations MJ & Yack, 40 years is incredible. Sorry we couldn't be there, but we'll certainly look forward to a proper celebration next time we all meet up.

And a quick couple of Cooper pics to appease the masses...
From New Album 1/19/09 6:19 AM

From New Album 1/19/09 6:19 AM

Ride Log
6 Days on Bike - (All Niner singlespeed)
82.5 Miles

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glowing tribute! We've had two great biological kids, added a great daughter-in-law and Super Cooper, and then another great daughter and her pretty Riley to make our special family. It's been a great ride, and we hope it continues for many more!