Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two steps forward, 1/2 step back

Got the go ahead from the doc on Monday to start pushing the Achilles a bit, so yesterday I decided to hop on the Niner but this time I'd try out cycling shoes. Didn't take long for me to realize that my foot position while clipped in was quite different than what I've been using on the flat pedals with normal shoes.

Pounded out about 1/2 of my ride, then started getting some pain in my right foot. It wasn't pain from the Achilles, it was on the front side of my ankle which I found strange. Regardless, I decided that clipping in wasn't something I was ready for so I popped out my right foot and just used the platform to get myself home. When pedaling with my foot unclipped, the pain was gone so I knocked out the rest of my short ride pain free.

Today was another super nice day in the upper 50s, although a bit windy by CO standards. I got a decent ride in, this time without cycling shoes and sans pain. Going south and east I was spun out on my 34x21 gearing, but going west and north was painful. Tried not to go too hard, as rumor has it The Punisher and I may check out Teller tomorrow despite the cold front moving in. Would be my first trail, although Teller is far from technical, its still real trail instead of dirt roads

Today ends the month, and I just squeaked by my goal of 100 miles for the month today. Not a huge goal, but considering I wasn't expecting to even be on the bike at this point I'll take it. Ruby will be on her way to Canada shortly, so the training plan begins as soon as she arrives. Starting to set my season goals, the first of which is the Laramie Enduro. Second goal is to do a dirty century (100 mile off road) by connecting the dirt roads and trails between Longmont and Boulder and back. I'm sure I'll come up with some others, but these are the two I'm starting with.

Ride Log
9 Days on Bike - (All Niner singlespeed)
100.5 Miles

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