Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Friday

After thinking my MDX had been stolen at the airport and wandering aimlessly around last night for about 45 minutes, only to find out I was in the east parking garage not the west, I needed a good day. I got it.

Cooper had a good night, slept from 9pm till 8am with only a minor peep that required giving him his pacifier at 5am. The three of us hung out together this morning, then met up with Aunt Sarah in Boulder for some lunch. We dumped Cooper with her and Jill and I headed home to ride bikes in the 60+ degree temps.

All went well, except for me not carrying a patch kit and a pump. At the furthest point from our house, Jill's front tire went flat quickly. Poop. The good news was that we were in a very nice neighborhood, so Jill would be safe. The bad news was I had no real choices but to take off for the house. I gave her my cell phone, turned into the wind and stomped it home. Made pretty quick work of the ride home, grabbed the not stolen MDX and went to pick her up at our prearranged meeting spot of the park inside the neighborhood.

Finished up with some Skyping with Frumpy & Grumpy, who are about to celebrate their 40th!!!! wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Ride Log
5 Days on Bike - (All Niner singlespeed)
63.5 Miles

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