Monday, April 20, 2009

I heart CO

From Cooper in Orange Hat

Yep, its really the place for me. Sure it was a bit nerve racking to scurry around Calgary on Thursday trying to get my flight moved up to get home to avoid what did turn out to be a monster storm (they got one right), but once home on the Front Range I am truly home.

At our house we got rain, and lots of it. Mountains got as much as 5 feet of snow, and most areas around the metro got quite a bit of snow but we stayed just warm enough to keep it falling as rain. Snow would have been nice, but any moisture is good.

Then after 48 hours of rain/snow, yesterday the skies opened up and its 65 degrees and spectacular. In fact the next 5 days appear to be the perfect CO spring weather that I live for. 70s, sunny and an invitation to get out.

Ski season is over, bike season is here. Hiking/backpacking will follow soon after that, but the 4 feet of snow that RMNP received will delay that a bit...

From Cooper in Orange Hat

From Cooper in Orange Hat

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