Sunday, April 26, 2009

It started innocently enough

Weather has been a little iffy for the last couple weekends. Nice 70 degree days during the week, but some sort of precip on the weekend has been common lately. Today, we were openly defiant at the forecast and decided to get the whole family, puppies included out for a hike.

Up the canyon we went, not knowing exactly where we were heading but ultimately deciding on Lion's Gulch, a tried and true trail we've hiked many times. Coop needed a bottle and to get suited up in his new snowsuit so I took the dogs and headed down to let them play in the creek while Jill fed and suited Coop.

Baloosy was very happy to be out and about...
From Shortened Lion's Gulch Hike

Soon after, Cooper and Jill showed up.
From Shortened Lion's Gulch Hike

Up we went. Lion's Gulch is steep and rugged straight from the start
From Shortened Lion's Gulch Hike

We kept pushing along, and then we got to the first run-off stream crossing. I made a makeshift rock crossing and we were pushing onward. However, the second crossing wouldn't be such a breeze.

The normal crossing spot was ankle deep and about 10 feet wide, so we started looking for alternate crossing areas. We found a spot with a big, stable rock in the middle of the stream that looked feasible to cross. With the help of a stick, I crossed without incident. I took of my pack, then started trying to help Jill get across.

She grabbed the stick, pushed off and then all hell broke loose. The stick broke, and Jill went crashing into the stream. I was trying to help her up but she calmly told me "I broke my arm", and she was evidently right. After a bit of trepidation, I got her up and out of the creek and her arm looked visibly broken. Not a compound fracture, but definitely not normal.

I grabbed Cooper, helped Jill get the Camelbak on backwards in a makeshift sling and we started out. We had a couple miles to hike out, and it was nerve racking to say the least. When we got close, I went ahead and loaded the dogs and Cooper then helped Jill get belted in.

Down the canyon, through Lyons and to the ER in Longmont. Dropped Jill off, took the dogs home, got Cooper changed and headed back. Diagnosis was a bit iffy, but they think its a clean break of both bones in her lower left arm. They put her in a temporary cast and told her to seek an orthopedic doctor ASAP. So tomorrow, I head back to the orthopedic surgeon for my 5 month checkup on my Achilles, and we try to see if we can get Jill on the mend now.

She's a tough chick, she'll be fine but I know she is frustrated. We just can't seem to keep everyone healthy lately. Hopefully the initial diagnosis is correct, and in 6ish weeks she'll be good as new.

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Perry said...

How can we help? I am bringing over my bubble wrap tomorrow and we are wrapping everyone of you in it from here on out. Perry