Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cooper's new buddy - Uncle Tony...

In an attempt to get acclimated to the elevation of the Laramie Enduro, Tony came up early in the week to hang out with us for a bit. Cooper instantly latched on to him, as lets face it Tony is just a (very) big kid himself. Aunt Denise flew up a couple days later (she works too hard) and snapped some pics that I've stolen for the blog here...

Tony couldn't even get his luggage in without Cooper "helping"

From Denise's Pics

Cooper taking the big boy route up to the slide, Tony assists

From Denise's Pics

Two buddies playing in the park

From Denise's Pics

From Denise's Pics

Cooper just absolutely loves the park. We try to get him to a park as often as possible.

Cooper wasn't the only one happy to see Tony though. He and I got in several good rides around (I obviously don't work as hard as Denise). Here are a couple pics that Tony grabbed that I've again blatantly stolen for my own personal use.

Tony and I at the Picture Rock / Wild Turkey junction

Posing on The Great Wall of Heil

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