Sunday, August 01, 2010

Let the Terrible 2's Begin!

Hard to believe Cooper is 2 already. Its hard to even remember what life was like without him around. While the big celebration will be next weekend in conjunction with Reese, Sarah and Jill's bdays (all in August), we went ahead and had a mini celebration today.

Cooper got to be "The Birthday Boy" today and pretty much got his way all day long. He got a super sweet train set with table that Sarah & Jill put together. This morning as we got him out of the crib he was saying "Choo Choo. Choo Choo" and played with his train set quite a bit today.

We took Cooper to the park this morning for some play time and to make sure the birthday boy to "Slide" as he requests about 50 times a day. After the park, we headed to lunch where he sampled at his will from everyone's plates. No birthday lunch would be complete without some dessert, so then we stopped by Dairy Queen where Cooper got his own cup of ice cream, but still sampled ice cream from everyone else too.

After a good nap, Cooper got up to play with his train set some more. We grabbed some dinner and then we presented Cooper with a birthday cupcake. He tore into it and then we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, which he seems to love. Grabbed a quick video of that, please excuse our terrible singing....

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