Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just trying to keep up

Wasn't very long ago that we would go to Heil Ranch to hike the 1.3 mile loop, and we'd make it about 1/2 the way through before Cooper would start asking "ride" insinuating he was tired and wanted in the carrier. Today we thought we'd get out and do a hike to try and let Cooper burn off some of his seemingly never ending energy supply. The kid likes to go.

Per the usual, right out of the parking lot Cooper was off the front. Charging up the hill towards the loop, we have to keep a pretty brisk pace just to keep up with him despite our advantage of longer legs. On occasion he does stop, usually to pick up a stick or to point something out to us.

Jill gets Cooper to stop long enough to take a quick pic to show off his new shades

From Heil Ranch Hike

Today was a big victory for us in that Cooper asked to put his sunglasses on. He has fought them most of the time, but the other day he saw me put on my sunglasses and hat and then decided he wanted his on too. Whatever his logic is, we'll take it as the Colorado sun can really be rough on eyes and skin so we're big fans of lots of sunscreen and sunglasses.

Cooper sporting his new Snoopy glasses with a stick and a pine cone he found along the way
From Heil Ranch Hike

From Heil Ranch Hike

As mentioned, normally about the 1/2 way point Cooper gives in and takes the carrier option for the second part of the journey. Today was different though. We took the "climb first" option today, and as we rounded the switchback that marks the high point, Cooper was still going strong. How quickly they change and grow up. It provides a really interesting contrast to see my niece Reese turning 1 and then Cooper turning 2 and seeing how incredible the development is in a single year. Even in the last couple weeks Cooper's vocabulary and word skills have grown in leaps and bounds.

Today's new word that we taught him on the trail was "timber" or maybe I should phrase that "TIMBER!" as in what one yells when a tree is falling. Cooper spent the 2nd half of the hike today yelling "TIMBER!" at every tree that had either fallen or been cut to the ground.

The other thing that is amazing is how much of a climber this kid is already. Its strange as he has never crawled out of his crib, but I think that is just because he feels at home there. I think he could climb out if he wanted, as he demonstrated his rock climbing and scrambling skills for us on every trail side boulder he could find. He always has at least one, usually two, cautious spotters helping him along too so grandmothers sleep easy.

Approaching the summit

From Heil Ranch Hike

On top of the world, for a 2 year old...

From Heil Ranch Hike

Despite all his trail side activities, Cooper made quick work of the 2nd part of the trail and completed the loop for the first time ever. A proud moment for parents who thrive on the outdoors and a good hike. The weather in Boulder has been nothing short of remarkable lately (sorry Oklahoma readers, but its true), and as we hiked today we just kept talking about how wonderful it is to live in this great place.

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