Monday, March 04, 2013

Arizona, and Day at the Zoo

Joel and I have traveled to Arizona for our 5 year anniversary, and that trip was spent running around the state and seeing some amazing places, but we were not able to see much of Phoenix. Now, I think Joel has had enough of the beautiful city, but it was very nice for the kids and I to have a few days to see the sights.
Having an adventitious flight down, which included returning to the gate not once, but twice before taking off.. which included de-icing both times, we made it too Phoenix. We landing in the late afternoon and had enough time to drop off our bags at the hotel before heading to dinner with Brad and Heather. It was so good to see her and finally meet Brad. Hopefully it will not be another 8/9 years before we see each other again.

Park bench at the Zoo

 After dropping off Joel at his office Monday morning we decided to go over to the Phoenix zoo. The weather was great and I was glad to be somewhere where I did not have shovel the snow, but the zoo was not great. We had to walk around for about 15 mins before we found an animal that was in there cage. I am not sure the kids really cared,  but I was a little disappointed. They did have several play areas that Cooper really enjoyed, so I guess that was something.... I guess.

Walking around enjoying the day

As for what Cooper remember best, it was all the cactus. He thought all the cactus was really interesting, so of course we have to take pictures with them :).

Cooper posing and Lauren trying to climb on things she shouldn't
 Another exciting cactus

Every time Cooper would stand in front of something for Mom to take a picture, then Lauren would back up against it too... so we have a picture of her standing an little farther down this wall waiting for her turn.

Every trip to the zoo is completed with a trip around the merry go round. Lauren can not wait to sit on and animal and after about 15 seconds can not wait to get off said animal. Cooper is always a fan.

The zoo was a nice way to spend the morning, and then we went off to have lunch with Dad. All of Joel's Co workers were extremely nice to us, and helped us have a great week.  Now off the the museums.......

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