Friday, March 08, 2013

Children, Children EVERYWHERE

Well, after a really good day at the Natural History Museum, we decided to go over to the Children's Museum on Wednesday morning. After dropping Joel off at work and grabbing breakfast we arrived right when the door open and was it great. No one else was there.  In the first room they had a three story tree house that we were able to crawl around in. Mom certainly  got her workout crawling and trying to keep Lauren from crashing, but everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Tree house

So after crawling around awhile, I recommended to Cooper that we see what else there is to see and then we can come back later if interested. So off we went to explore. They had lots to do, a noodle forest with hundreds of water noodles hanging down to run threw. A store with little shopping carts, large marble runs, cars wash for tricycles, and lots more. We had a great time for the first hour really getting to look around.

Lots and Lots of Noodles - Lauren liked it only in Mom's arms
Lauren playing with the Marble runs
Cars, cars and more cars... we love to drive the cars

Cooper driving a tricycle through the wash :)
Lauren's turn on the push car
Dropping down discs
Checking out the mail box
Well right about the 10 o'clock time is when the place really started to get crowded. I think every day care and first grade classroom was at the museum. Lauren, who thinks she is a BIG kid, really tried to hang in there, but just ended up getting run over. So this was about the time Mom thought we should call Dad about lunch. It was a fun place, but not somewhere I would go to often, if given the chance.  We had an all day pass and I asked Cooper if he wanted to go back, but he decided he wanted the Dino museum again, which made me happy.

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