Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Phoenix Natural History Museum

After a fun day at the zoo, on Tuesday I gave Cooper the choice between the Dinosaur Museum and the Children's Museum. He decided that the Dino Museum was the way to go, so after doing a short hike at Papago park, and meeting Dad for lunch we headed over Mesa where the museum is located. Luckily it was not a long drive and after about 15 minutes and only one u-turn (Mom is not great with directions even with turn by turn navigation on my phone :)  )

Outside the Museum had a very cute statue of a Polar bear and cubs which we have to say hi too

I was very impressed with the museum. Walking in the front door they have a full Mastradon and Woolly Mammoth skeletons. After taking a look at those, we moved into one of the main halls that had a three story waterfall with dinos perched on rock crops, including a T Rex and stregosaurus. They also had more skeletons and lots to see and do. We really enjoyed the museum and what made it great for a mom with smaller kids is that it was not busy at all. Not having to worry about the kids getting run over by 30 third grades make my experience so much more enjoyable. So much so that when Cooper asked if we could go back on Wednesday I gladly said yes. 

Our Favorite Dinosaur - Triceratops

Along with the great exhibits to see they also had a learning/ creative room that we spent about 45 minutes play and drawing. Lauren is really into coloring, so we went through our share of crayons and color pencils.

They had tables to fish out dinosaurs from, and places to organize dinos by color or type. It was a really great place and anyone with kids under the age of ten I would highly recommend this museum. Even for adults it was great.

After leaving the craft room we ventured through the rest of the place. They had Native American exhibts, along with a NASA, and hollywood sections, with a TV that you could put yourself on.

Cooper showing the size of his footprint

 One large magnetic wall had a large system of PVC pipes that you could run balls through. This was another room we spent a long time playing in. 

Cooper and Lauren collecting balls
Cooper dropping the balls through the pipes
This room also had a great Lauren really enjoyed

The final enjoyment was in a small courtyard they allowed you to pan for gold.(or Pyrite).They even allowed you to take your gold home with you. Here are some pictures of us panning the next day. (hince the different outfit)
Cooper in the Corner
Last thing that Cooper really enjoyed was a green screen that put you on the TV in a old western. Sadly Lauren was not quite tall enough and all you could see was the top of her head, but she did enjoy watching Cooper.

Here is a short video of them playing with the green screen :) Lauren was a little too short for it.

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