Sunday, January 12, 2014

San Diego, here we come

Traveling with young ones is fun and frustrating at the same time, so we decided to have a Christmas trip to someplace warm. We flew out on Sunday afternoon, making our afternoon timing a little off. By the time we had our rental car, and the hotel, it was too early for dinner but too late for lunch. We decided we all needed food anyway. We were staying in the downtown area which has a nice boardwalk area. We found a restaurant and had a good meal. Afterward we took the kids swimming, which may have been our downfall.

                              View from our rooms - Coronado Bay Bridge

Monday morning we woke up and headed to the zoo. We had been years before, but zoo's are always much more fun with little ones.
                                                          Looking at the flamingos

First thing we did was the bus. They have a cool double decker bus that will drive you around most of the park. You can see many of the animals and get to enjoy the beautiful day.

On the bus

After the bus ride, we started walking around. The area is beautiful, and several of the animals were still out and active. We were not able to see the panda's due to a long line, but the polar bears were cute, They had a small play area near the exhibit that the kids thought was cool.

Cooper and Reese swimming with the seals

Lauren's turn
Finally we were able to get on to the arial tram to see the animals from above. We had a great day.

Lauren and Dad riding on the arial tram

We had a great day, and ended it with nice dinner on Coronado bay. And walking around the Coronado Bay hotel. Kids getting to run around on the sand for a little bit.

Cooper on the beach near Coronado Bay Hotel

Cooper and Reese near the Christmas tree

That night Cooper had a hard time sleeping.... so we were in for a tough day on Tuesday.......

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