Monday, January 20, 2014

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Mythbusters is a very interesting and informative show. Joel and I have always enjoyed it, and now Cooper is starting to watch it. So when we saw that an exhibit was coming to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science we knew we had to go.  Of course, we finally made it on the last weekend it was in town, but at least we made it, and it was worth it.

                                      Mechanical Shark from the show - For Shark Week

They had several different hands on exhibits that the kids (big and small) could try. From experimenting with toast landing on the butter side up or down, to (Cooper and Lauren's favorite) running or walking through the rain. We were able to try and flick a playing card into a cork board, or pull the table cloth out from underneath a full place setting, which I must say I was able to do without upsetting the plates.
We had a great time and would highly recommend the exhibit if it heads to a place near you.

                      Cooper was going to run and Joel and Lauren were on the walk side

        They put something in the water to make it show under black light - Joel looked a little creepy :)

                                                 Lauren was not as wet as Daddy

                                          Of course, super fast Super Cooper had only a few drops

Looking in the mirror to see how many wet droplets they have
After walking/running through the rain several times and trying lots of other cool stuff we headed home. You gotta love museums. 

PS - The quote from the title of the post is from the main host of the show Adam Savage. 

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