Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Two San Diego

Well as I noted in the last post, Cooper was having some trouble.  It had started Sunday night, with his complaining his ear hurt. He was having a hard time going to sleep, and was whining, but shocking when we gave him the iPad to calm him down, it was now fine. So we just thought he was tired. We gave him some pain meds at the zoo and he made it fine thought out the day. Well Monday night, he again complained of ear pain, and again seem to calm down once he had a video going. So we were not sure we needed to get him help or not. Well we just sit down at the Shamu show , and he starts again complaining about his ear. So we have to have the discussion on whether he can make it or we needed to go to the Dr right then.  His pain meds had kicked in by then and he decided he could make it. I must say once he decided to stay he was a good kid.

                                     Jill, Joel and Lauren waiting for the show to start

The rest of the gang ready to get the show started

Lauren also decided she needed to loose her mind as well and she cried for about 15/20 mins until she  pasted out and had a power nap. Which also seem to change her attitude. We were able to check out a few show and ride a few rides. By late in the afternoon we knew that Cooper was going to need help. 
We just finished watching the Madagascar show, which everyone enjoyed, and we headed out to find an urgent care for him.

                                          Was a trooper, waiting for the show to start

We had to skip the group dinner and Joel headed out with Cooper to the urgent care, and confirmed that Cooper did indeed have an ear ache. I must say he did sleep much better that night after the antibiotics were given... so much so that Lauren was able to tackle him a few times and he did not move:). Well, I think this trip has changed Joel mind about any more trip for the next few years, so I guess we will just keep it to local jaunts around Colorado. I had a good time and we glad we were able to make it. I may not get a chance to travel again for a while.....traveling with kids is fun... is that the word I am looking for......maybe not.

  We woke up the next morning and everyone was in much better moods. We grabbed some breakfast and headed to a park to play a few minutes before we had to put two toddlers on a airplane for a few hours. Getting home was pretty painless and we got home and everyone except for Cooper came down with Strep throat. So I guess maybe Joel is right and traveling is just not worth it, but I do hope he forgets how frustrated he was and we can travel more soon. I also have a feeling that traveling with teenagers will be just as frustrating as toddlers.

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