Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time to ride them Ponies

It is National Western Stock show time!!! And we are ready to pet the animals!!

Lauren was ready to ride the ponies. At first she was not sure, but she finally got into the spirit of things and seem to enjoy herself. Cooper, for some reason, decided he did not want to ride the ponies this year. My guess would be the long line that you needed to be in to get your turn. So he headed to the next event which was a playground. Not to original but always a favorite with the kiddos.

                                                    Here is he on a tire swing

Short Video of Lauren and Reese riding the horses :)

After the pony rides and Swing sets, we headed over to the petting zoo. Lauren again really enjoyed this, but not as much as last year, when she tried to hug everybody, even other visitors. This year, she just hugged the sheep, and Dad, of course.

Cooper feeding a really cute goat

Lauren really wanted the goats to eat hay..... they did not think it a good idea

Maybe this one would like my wonderful hay

When did my Cooper get so big!!!

Brother and Sister, getting along

Coop with Reese, happy to be at the National Western Stock show

The stock show has become a tradition with the kids, and I know Joel and Sarah have a longer history then that. I am glad we have the opportunities to share this with the kids, and know this will be something we continue to do as the kids grow older. Cooper was already showing interest in the rodeo, so we will have to be sure to get tickets next year, and maybe see if we can talk him into doing some mutton busting.......

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