Friday, April 04, 2014

Putt Putt..... or something close to it

I am guessing that my kiddos are going to keep us very busy with sports. Cooper has never meet a sport that he does not enjoy, and Lauren wants to go and do. So we headed out to Boulder Gateway park for some great putt putt on a spring day.

It had been a few months and Cooper's game was a bit rusty..... but he has always treated putt putt more like hockey... the ball never stops moving. We can do 18 holes in about 20 mins.  Joel, Cooper and Lauren were playing, well Lauren had a club and ball. Her main goal was to drop the ball in the hole, and climb around on stuff.
Up we go....
Here was an attempt to get the ball moving...
 Did it work???
 In you go.....
All in all we had a good day hanging out
Even though Lauren did not always agree with Cooper on ball placement
 Yeah!!!! Putt Putt!!!
I know I say this constantly, but I bears repeating, We are so blessed !!!

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