Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Time

Easter is a great time. We are celebrating Christ resurrection, it is spring, egg hunts, and of course pretty dresses.

Not sure you can gather eggs that way.

Superior had a community egg hunt and Joel and the kids headed over to see what they could find. They started the kids off in waves, by age, and sadly we just missed Lauren's, but Cooper was able to get enough to share. It was a nice event and great thing for the community to do for the kids.

Sarah and her girls were able to meet us for church, and I suggested to Joel and between church and lunch we try to get some pics. He was super excited to take pictures of four kids ages 5 and under. It was not a calming experience :).  We were able to get a few, but mostly we had chaos.  Which truth be told, is a better representation of our lives right now.... cute little kiddos with calm smiles is not how we roll. So here we go......

Okay, we got a good one of just one of them....we can do this
 Uh Oh.. we are losing it... but a least they are smiling
 My two Angels.......????
 They are both in the middle of the frame....Moms keys are always a good accessory
 Pretty one with Sarah and Skylar
 And now we have lost it completely
 Cooper you look VERY guilty of something
 Skylar.... are you enjoying yourself... me neither :)
We got one!!!!! Yeah, all smiles
 And Thank you Sarah, for taking one of our bunch looking somewhat composed
In the end we are always glad to have the pics in the end, but boy the processes is painful. Ah, memories of raising little ones.

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