Saturday, April 12, 2014


Joel  nor I ever played soccer growing up. I had some friends that played, and we have watched a few world soccer matches (because their are NO sporting event that Joel will not watch).  But this did not translate in to us having any idea on how to play the game. We have had Cooper playing soccer at school for the last few months, so the next step was to sign him up for the local YMCA league. They had one practice (due to weather) and then a game last Saturday.  Because we are dealing with 5 year olds they keep it pretty simple.  The whistle went off and they all stood there. It was really cute and I am glad that Cooper and Lauren will have all these opportunities in life. Our team did not win, but did get a few good moves in. Mostly they were just happy to be kicking the ball, regardless of which end was there goal..... because they went the wrong way most of the game.

Getting ready to start.......
We are running
Cooper played goalie for a few minutes and did a great job

We did take some video, but I am sure we will get more and I will try to get some up online.

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