Saturday, May 12, 2007

Betty Gets Her Day (Subtitled new singletrack)

Betty breaks out of her hibernation in a big way today. New trail to test out the newly PUSH'd suspension mods on a new trail filled with gorgeous views. The high altitude terrain isn't ready, but the "higher than the foothills" stuff is ripe for the ripping.

Jill & I headed up to a trail I've been hearing about for some time, but haven't had the opportunity to sample thus far. A great mix of sweeping singletrack and rocky steeps, with a long descent followed by a grinding climb.

Jill checks out the homestead

Sweet alpine singletrack

After a fun 3+ mile descent, we passed an old homestead (pictured above) and then found our way to the North St. Vrain River, which was rushing along nicely with the warm temps really starting up the spring melt-off.

A fun ride (not sure Jill would agree) with a good mix of terrain, and its always good to try out a new trail. My PUSH'd suspension worked incredibly well, helping me make several rocky, steep climbs that I was surprised to make. Once I braced to take an impact of a tree limb in the trail, but was pleasantly surprised when the suspension soaked it up so nicely that I had to glance back to make sure I had hit it.

I did draw first blood today, with some minor cuts and bruises. I stalled out climbing a steep, rocky uphill and when I was scrambling to get a foot down took the nose of the seat right into the back of my calf. Its sore, but nothing that won't keep me from riding tomorrow. It sure was different, albeit wonderful, to be back on suspension. The 575 feels like a dream, especially after so many rigid miles under my belt.

A great day to be out, can't wait for the higher elevation stuff to melt out. Its beginning to feel a lot like riding season.

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