Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Birthday sights

30 has come and gone, so I decided to start year 31 with some sights from my 1st day in my post 30 life. So today, few words and more pics.

My view on my drive to the bus stop

Decorative manhole covers in LoDo

My stop on the bus

The painted cow outside my office

The clock tower across the street

My version of the morning cofee

The daily grind

A nice surprise from Jill left on my truck

Molly offers her birthday wishes

Baloo watches intently as I open gifts

A very nicely decorated present from Jim & Judy

And some great shirts too!

And a new fun game for the Wii from Sarah.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day :)

Charla said...

Happy birthday Joel! I know thirty can be painful, but it looks like you celebrated it just right!