Friday, July 20, 2007

And finally some pics from Great Sand Dunes

I don't know what the holdup has been, I've had these pics uploaded and ready to post for the majority of the week but for some reason I've avoided blogging this week. Anyway, here are some pics from our recent visit the the final National Park in Colorado that we had not visited.

14k foot peaks, sand dunes and grassy prairie make for some interesting contrasts.

Seeing the people in the bottom of this photo gives some idea just how big these dunes really are.

And the journey to the top begins, lets see how long that smile lasts

Morning light casting cool shadows on the razorbacks

Walk this way

Jill still trudging along

It looks close, but we're still a long way away

Looking back at Jill making the final push

Jill summits the peak

Geometric patterns are abundant

Jill tried to get the cardboard sled action going, but it just didn't work much to her chagrin

Jill showing off the peak that we conquered

And perhaps the most telling story, this is the amount of sand we poured of out our shoes in the parking lot. My pile is on the left, Jill's on the right.

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