Sunday, July 08, 2007

On to Durango

After a good night's sleep in Black Canyon National Park, we hit the road first thing headed to Durango via the Million Dollar Highway. The drive is gorgeous, albeit a bit dangerous given the heavy traffic, falling rock and huge exposure.

They don't believe in guardrails here

We ambled along, stopping anywhere we saw fit. The first major stop was Box Canyon waterfall in Ridgeway, CO. Its a unique place as the waterfall literally goes through the mountain, not over it. It was seemingly impossible to shoot with the low light, water mist and narrow slot, but I tried anyway.

We continued on past Ouray and up and over more and more mountain passes. We stopped and took pics of the various sights, which included mining operations, roadside creeks and of course, mountains.

We were now in Durango, and headed towards Mesa Verde to find a camping spot for the night. Once we got that out of the way, it was a quick hike on the Colorado Trail at Junction Creek and then dinner at Jill's favorite Steamworks. The cajun broil was as good as we remembered, leaving us with full bellies as we headed back to camp to get some sleep before rising early and heading west to Mesa Verde.

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