Monday, July 02, 2007

Jenna gets married

A frantic, fast paced trip to Oklahoma last weekend wore us out, but it was for a worthy reason. My cousin Jenna, daughter of legendary blog story provider Anne, got married Saturday night in Apache, Oklahoma. We made the long 10 hour drive Friday, went to the wedding and then blazed a trail back early Sunday morning. While we were road weary and tired upon getting back to the Front Range, it was really nice to have gotten a chance to see a lot of the Goodman clan for the first time in a couple of years.

These are just a random sampling, you can check out the entire gallery here...

Following my theme lately, more photos less rambling...

Jill poses with me in 30 years

Jill,the new bride Jenna, and Sarah

These two are up to something

Uncle Bob is ALWAYS up to something

Kade gives his signature "sad" look

Amy looks calm and collected while Ty voices his displeasure with the whole situation

Nancy, Claudia, Becky, Amy and Martha

My Mom & Sister

The newest member of the family, Dale poses with Sarah

BK & Ty both stare at the same shiny object

You've probably seen these two faces at the post office

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Dear Joel,
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos you all took on your recent trip.....they are gorgeous and look like paintings. I also love your interesting writings....keep up the great work.
I love you,