Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Couple more from Black Canyon

In my overzealousness to get my blogs posted up, I missed out on a couple of my favorite pics from the Black Canyon. Jill and I drove up to the west rim of the canyon as the sunset, and luckily enough we found the park nearly deserted.

As the sun dropped below the horizon slowly, the colors of the park came alive and we were rewarded with some great shots. So here are two shots of some cool trees illuminated by the sinking sun and then a final shot of the "Painted Wall".

The Painted Wall.
If you look close, you can see what most people describe as "two dragons" in the lighter colors. This wall is the signature of the canyon.

Still working on picking out my favorite pics from the Great Sand Dunes, they should be up soon.

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TC guru said...

Great photos! The first shot in the series captures the light and scenery very well. I can see why they are your favorites.