Friday, May 09, 2008

A little wiser?

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, pretty much a routine day but followed up with a really nice dinner with Jill and Sarah. I had my pick of restaurants, but with my birthday falling on a Thursday I couldn't turn down the opportunity to eat some Chicken Juliana at Pasta Jay's (one of their Thursday specials). So we met up with Sarah in Boulder, and despite having some pre-graduation events going on we got in without too much hassle.

After a great meal and collecting significant birthday presents and cards, we got out and walked around the Pearl St. Mall for a bit before heading back home. So I'll start my 32nd year out with few words and more pics...

Two crazy kids trying to find their way

A mother-to-be and an aunt. Not sure which is more excited..

The Tulips were ablaze up and down the mall

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Chris said...

Happy birthday!