Sunday, May 04, 2008

My new favorite trail.

Everyone has been telling me that I needed to get to Bobcat Ridge to ride, and today I finally got that chance. John "The Punisher" Perry was headed up, so I took the opportunity to hitch a ride with John, his wife Amy and her friend Liz. The trail system is relatively new, and sits just a bit NW of Loveland, is as good of an open space trail as I've been on.

Rocky. Check.
Technical. Check.
Big Climbs. Check.
Great views. Check.

There are several trails in the system, but the gem is the Ginny Trail. After a warm up on the valley loop, we headed up the steep, sustained climb and ground along for the next 4 or 5 miles. I did pretty well on the way up, the legs felt good but I kept smacking my pedals and crank arms. I know now not to put the fork in 90mm mode, but to climb with it at full extension to keep the bottom bracket high to help clear all the rockstacles (rock obstacles).

Up top, we opted to do the full trail and drop into the valley before turning back around and climbing back out. The downhill was incredible, fast and fun but rocky and technical enough to keep your speeds in check. Some sections were smooth and fast, others were tight and technical. The trail builders really did an amazing job on this one, kudos Larimer County.

Ended up putting in around 14.5 miles, with a substantial 2,700 feet of elevation gain. The Punisher took it easy on me on the climbs, but we made pretty good time of it and my form certainly continues to surprise me. John & I both had put in pretty good rides yesterday, so neither of us really wanted to turn the screws too much but it was refreshing to at least see John on a climb, which doesn't happen often.


Anonymous said...

Suggested blog topic: An update on the pregnancy and a current picture of Jill and her baby belly.

Jennifer B.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's one trail system I'll be hitting for sure this summer when I visit. Larry and Sean were the first to post and tell me about it. Hoping to hook up with and meet some of you fellow MTBRs this summer.