Monday, July 07, 2008

Lets see...where were we

Yeah I've been on the go a bit lately, spending time in baby classes and trying to keep Baloo from giving himself a heart attack due to the fireworks. This week I started my Colorado stint again while we wait out the arrival of Thor. Thor? That's right, I'm back to Thor instead of Cooper in honor of the Thor de France which kicked off Saturday. Thor Husholvd pulled out a win in Stage 2, furthering my belief that we should name this kid after the Norwegian God of Thunder.

My proposal to Jill was Tour de France naming roulette. Meaning we'll name the kid after whoever won the Tour stage on the day the kid is born. Wouldn't it be great to name the kid Rest Day White? What about Cadel Evans White? Has a ring to it doesn't it?

Now on to more serious matters...For some reason I felt compelled to compile a list of things tonight. No real connections between my list items, but its my blog and I have full editorial control (until Jill gets my password).

Item #1 - 3G Iphone

Yes, Friday is finally the day. I have no "strategy" established yet, basically will just drive by one of the Apple stores or the AT&T stores at some point and then wait it out to get one. I'm absolutely getting the 16GB version (for more storage for music, pictures of Thor, Baloo, Jill & Molly, etc) but still on the fence on the white or black. Thoughts?

Item #2 - The Colbert Report

This guy kills me. I don't get to watch it as often as I like, but every time I do catch it I find myself laughing out loud (LOL for you Lyndal). While browsing through Border's the other day, I picked up his book (pictured above) and it was thoroughly amusing.

Here is a video clip of Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell back in their Daily Show days arguing religion...

Item #3 - Viva la Vida (i.e. the new Coldplay Album)

After hearing "Viva la Vida" and "Violet Hill", the first two releases off the album, I declared to Jill that this was "the best album in history". Yes I was joking, sort of, but I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with the album thus far. There are some gems, like the two songs mentioned above, but overall it doesn't start to compare as a whole to A Rush of Blood to the Head or Parachutes but perhaps (jury is still out) better than their last release, X&Y.

Regardless, I'll be seeing them in concert this November which I am certainly looking forward to already.

Item #4 - The Clear Pass

Another of my favorite things is my new Clear security pass. What is it? Basically its a "Go directly through security" pass. You get pre-screened and have biometrics taken, then you go to the aiport and bypass the long lines at DIA. I clear security in about 5 minutes even on Monday morning at 8a.m. It isn't cheap ($120ish for a year I think), but its worth every penny.

Item #5 - High Def Video

Preparing for the arrival of Thor, we got a super sweet camcorder. Ended up buying a Canon HD pro-sumer level camera. I've barely had a chance to use it (old PC doesn't like decoding HD video much), but the quality looks downright amazing for a small video camera. I do love Canon stuff.

So yes, the 3 readers of this blog can begin preparing themselves to be inundated with shaky, hand held video that everyone except the proud parents will find utterly boring.


yahoojames said...

Suggestions for color choices on the new iPhone 3G according to prevailing cultural stereotypes: Black=boys, White=girls.

Which Canon did you get? I bought the HG10 about three months ago.

Joel White said...

I bought the HG100, which is just the 10 without the 16GB internal. Got a screaming deal on it so I got it and a 16GB card cheaper than I could get the 10.

And black it is, everyone has said black.

Anonymous said...

Personally...I am getting the white (despite the prevailing stereotype). I think the smudges on the black phone will drive me crazy. Frankly, it is one reason why I am keeping my 2g iPhone...for now.


Lyndal said...

i'z teh uber-L337 d00d. u'r hatin' me for my 1337 Haxx0r 5k1LLZ.