Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Typical Saturday

In the immortal words of Nick Martin..."Safety First, kids."

We came up on this nasty looking accident today on our way to Winter Park, as we were descending Floyd Hill. The good part was that the passengers were all moving about and it appeared no one was hurt.

Sarah, Jill and I hit up Winter Park. We woke up to 2-3" of fresh now in Longmont with more falling (its a weekend, of course it snowed!), and we had thoughts of fresh powder dancing in our heads. Well it wasn't really to be, as the snow tapered off the further west we got.

So no new powder at Winter Park, and it was a bit chilly at 12k feet on Vasque Cirque, but we still managed to make some turns and have a good time. Grabbed some food on the way back to the Front Range and home in time for the Pokes game tonight (more on that later).

So after 25ish miles on the slopes today, I'm off to the trainer while the Pokes play. After a Friday off, its another round of max exertion intervals tonight. Ouch.

One thing I had to post up is TDF Winner (I won't say TDF Champion since thats up in the air) Floyd Landis' new custom bike, stark white but full of Jack Handy quotes like:

"Where does a forest ranger go to get away from it all?"

"A bus stops at a bus station. A train stops at a train station. At my desk I have a work station".

and lastly "If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?"

Pure brilliance.

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