Sunday, January 28, 2007

The wheels on the trainer go round and round.

First things first...Ladies please don't go crazy over that pasty, dead sexy leg above, I'm a taken man. I'm the only biker that would actually INCREASE his wind drag by shaving his legs. I was trying to get a cool, blurred motion shot of me on the trainer, but after a couple attempts I had to resort to popping the flash and having my chicken legs clearly visible. Oh well, I need a pic to post so it wasn't another lame "I rode the trainer, here's my heart rate profile" post that I've been doing non-stop since it turned into the Arctic Circle here. At least it got the cool see-through effect.

Back on track with a strong finish for January, I closed out my hardest week of training thus far. Legs felt pretty good, even after the ski day and intervals yesterday. I'm a long way from where I need to be ultimately, but right now I am very pleased with where I am.

I've noticed that my cadence just continues to increase. I used to have a cadence in the low 90s, then it started to creep up to the mid 90s, and now I often find myself spinning in the 100 rpm range. I guess its a good thing, especially since I'll be finding myself on a singlespeed that will require some fast spinning on the flats if I'm running a "climbing" gear.

The big news for this blog......

Helmet cam.

My sister, Sarah, bought me a helmet camera that uses flash memory for Christmas, so expect this space to be filled with countless videos this year. It shoots 640x480 video and I've got a 2GB card so it should have plenty of capacity to record all the antics. Stay tuned.

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Chris said...

I was gonna say you're looking good. Way to kill it here in the lower Arctic circle! Some day it will all melt right?