Friday, March 30, 2007

Blogs o' plenty

I read a lot of blogs. Cycling blogs, friends & family blogs, coworker blogs, etc. I got tired of checking a page only to find out that the blog hadn't been updated, sometimes in months. Yes I am blatantly calling you out Tracy Baird.

Finally I found a way to manage my feeds better, and after trying a couple different tools out (Newshutch for example) I settled on Google Reader. It integrates with all my other Google accounts (Gmail, Picasa2, Blogger, etc) nicely and does a nice job of organizing the RSS feeds from all the blogs I read. Its very easy to setup and allows you to group feeds into different categories.

The best part is that I can bookmark this one page, and instantly catch up on all the blogs that have been updated since the last time I checked them. Oh and I can get to it from my phone as well....

There are quite a few ways to tweak it to your liking (only show new, show all, etc) as well. So I thought I'd pass on this jewel that has made my blog reading life a bit less painful to any of you readers (I think I'm into double digit readers!) out there that might need something similar.


Laurie said...

cool. thanks for the review. i am techno challenged so i'll have to hope it's as easy as you say ;)

Chris said...

Hmm I need to do this too. My blogroll is getting rediculous and it'd be way easier just to see when stuff is new!