Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The life of a ski bum

In the last week, I've skied 4 days. Today was the culmination ("CULMINATION!") of the week run, ending in my 3rd straight day at Copper with Jill and her parents. We've got some pretty big numbers for the week, and tired legs to go along with them.

143 miles
82,700 vertical feet skied
55 runs
11 hours 42 minutes moving time

This morning, Jill and I killed it doing repeated runs of 2,200 feet drops one after another. We'd take the SuperBee express to 12k then drop to 9800 in a flash. Snow wasn't great to start with, but got better as the temps warmed up. No lift lines meant we were just doing laps up and down nonstop. We skied tons of different steep runs on the East side of Copper, just picking whatever run had the fewest people on it.

Back to the real world tomorrow...

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