Tuesday, May 09, 2006

30 is the new 20

I turned 30 yesterday, and despite my thinking I would wake up much wiser and knowledgeable about things I feel pretty much the same. I really don't get caught up much with the age bit, as there is nothing you can do about it and it is really a relative thing.

The cool thing about turning 30 is that people consider it to be a "bigger" birthday and you get loads of cool things. Among those things, Jill got me a new Ipod Shuffle. We opted for the Shuffle over the Nano and regular Ipod as we wanted a small, rugged Ipod we could use skiing, hiking, biking, etc. So far I'm impressed with it. Its tiny, stores 1GB of music (200+ songs) and is very easy to stuff in a pocket and never be noticed again.

I also received a lot of birthday money, which is always a welcome thing. Admittedly, I am a hard person to shop for. I never want for anything, as I always just get it. I tried to be good this year and not buy myself anything within a couple months of my birthday, but I still accidentally ruined Jill's Shuffle surprise when I joked about buying myself a Shuffle. Oops. Since I've been on a buying hiatus for the last couple months, the birthday cash is a welcome sight. I've tucked it away to buy myself a road (or cross) bike as soon as I can settle on which one I want.

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debaser said...

Happy Birthday, it's a good day to get older, I say.

Croos bike yet?