Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long Live Long Weekends....

I live for 3 day weekends. I often think I should work 10 hour days, 4 days a week so I can have a 3 day weekend, every weekend. Memorial Day weekend may be one of the best 3 day weekends around as it marks the start of Summer. True there is a ton of traffic and people, but we found ways to avoid the masses most of the weekend.

Friday night we headed north to Loveland for some food and a bit of shopping. Saturday we headed south to Colorado Springs to check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The Zoo was quite unique. It was considerably smaller than a typical zoo, but offered a much closer experience with the animals. The zoo is cut into the side of the mountain just above the famous Broadmoor hotel. We toured the zoo thoroughly, then detoured briefly to the Garden of the Gods. Jill decided that Garden of the Gods was a bit too powerful of a name (we're really jaded having seen all the gorgeous things we've seen), so she dubbed it Garden of Jeff the God of Biscuits (if that makes no sense to you, see Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill comedy routine).

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. We met up with Scott & Kim Turner over in Lyons at Meadow Park for some grilling out action along the St. Vrain River. We stuffed ourselves and conversed as the day passed.

Then came Monday, and the relaxation took a backseat as exurtion took over. Jill & I met up with John & Amy Perry to go ride up in Nederland. As well documented on this blog, John "The Punisher" Perry is a superhuman when it comes to athletic events. Jill didn't know what she was signing up for, but an easy ride with John is like a deathmarch for most. Jill did admirably, never complaining and just spinning along as John took us all over the countryside climbing up and descending down (even though she had severely bent a disc rotor that was rubbing terribly). We topped off the ride with a huge plate of nachos and some food and drink at Southern Sun in Boulder, timing it nicely as to avoid the Boulder Boulder 10k crowds that had recently dispersed.

And then it is back to the daily grind. Work really gets in the way of my play time, but you gotta pay the bills so I keep going. The great part is that it is a short week, thanks to those glorious 3 day weekends. Viva la 3 day weekends!

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