Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Bike On The Way

Well after searching high and low, I finally settled on a road bike. I ended up buying a 2005 Specialized Roubaix Comp Double. I had been looking at the 2006 model, but I happened across a 05 model on Ebay in my size that appears to be in pristine condition. The seller had 100% feedback and the detailed pics showed the bike's condition which looks impeccable.

I ended up saving a considerable amount of money on the 05 versus the 06, and the 05 has a much better component spec. The bike looks like its never been outside, and the seller told me he would refund my money entirely if I wasn't 100% pleased with its condition, so I felt pretty confident about the purchase. I never would have thought I would have bought a bike off Ebay, but this was too good of a deal (and perfect timing) for me to pass up.

It should arrive sometime early next week and I plan to put it to immediate use by commuting to/from work a couple days on it. I need to get some miles in on it to get used to the positioning of a road bike versus the Yeti.

Speaking of the Yeti, I took it up to Nederland for the first time last night. I absolutely love the West Mag trails, and we got in a good 9 mile route before I had to abandon due to time constraints. Hoping to head back up there this weekend.

Back to the new addition, here is the pic from the Specialized website & one of the pics from the Ebay ad:

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