Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend Fun

First and foremost, I've got to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Martha, and to Jill's Mom, Judy. Thanks for all you've done for us through the years.

Now on to our weekend activities....

Saturday Jill & I checked out the Switzerland Trail in the foothills west of Boulder. It used to be a railroad bed, but has since just been turned into a doubletrack path for bikes, ATVs, 4x4s, etc. We did about 12.5 miles out and back and got to see some great scenery. Nice day to be out checking out a new area for sure.

Sunday we got up and took the dogs to Lion's Gulch for a hike. We just did a couple of miles with them and then headed out in search of a swimming hole just west of Lyons. Nice spot with some rapids and good current to entertain the two dogs. Baloo was intent on fetching sticks and Molly was content on taking said stick from Baloo.

Jill sat on a rock and read a book while I tended to the dogs and snapped some pics. Here is a sample of the pics:

Baloo & Molly fighting over the stick as they prepare to hit a small rapid

Baloo & Molly making nice and sharing the stick

Baloo hits the rapid again

Molly always keeps her eye on Baloo to see what he is up to

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