Friday, April 20, 2007

24 Solo

Got to Boulder last night for the Colorado premier of 24 Solo, by the same team that producer Off Road to Athens. A couple years ago, I missed the premier of Off Road to Athens and I've been anxiously awaiting this premier since the first trailer I saw for this film.

I've got to say that 24 Solo is a really great film, that truly makes you feel like you are on the course with the crazy nature of racing a mountain bike for 24 hours. I've been to a couple of 24 hour races to witness the undertaking, but the elite level portrayed in the movie and their ability and willingness to push their bodies beyond the breaking point is intriguing.

I won't spoil the film for anyone who doesn't know the outcome or hasn't seen the movie, but its an epic battle between the 6 time defending 24 hour solo champion and an Aussie newcomer. These two fuel a battle for the ages, and its depicted in a grand fashion in the film.

The thing I really enjoyed about the film was that the filmmakers did a nice job of interjecting some light hearted moments into the film. The crew chief for the 6x champion Chris Eatough, "Pos" should have his own reality TV show. The guy is a walking quote board, and he provides almost all the truly memorable lines in the movie.

If your a cyclist, or someone who enjoys watching the Iron Man triathlons, EcoChallenges or things of that nature then you should definitely check this movie out if it shows near you (or buy the DVD). I highly recommend it, and already have the DVD on pre-order.

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